Our Businesses


Electronic Devices

At CADEX, we market a diverse range of specially designed testing equipment and devices using the tapping, ultrasonic and electromagnetic methods to meet customers’ need for testing numerous materials in a variety of environments. These devices are being utilized by organizations around the world, primarily in the transportation industry.

Mitsui's Woodpecker WP632 series of portable tapping exfoliation detectors, for example, has been recognized by Airbus, Bombardier Aerospace and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) as authorized testing devices. Today, these devices are being adopted by most major airline carriers around the world.

In one of our most recent activities, we are applying technological knowledge we gained through these electronic devices to develop a line of landmine detectors.

   For more details please visit Woodpecker website

Participating in National Projects

At CADEX, we take part in numerous national projects in the Asia region. We bring the extensive knowledge, experience and resources Japan has to offer mainly in transportation-related projects. In addition, our activities in the region extend to research and development of natural resources.

One recent example is the export project for Japan's Shinkansen, or bullet train, to China. In this case, we are not only exporting a specifically built axle testing solution, but we also successfully built a business relationship with a local firm for OEM and agent agreements. Our involvement extends to projects for next-generation transportation systems, mid-term national projects promoted by the government of Mongolia, coastal and riverside area development projects and many others in which we can utilize the extensive know-how, experience and associations we have built through the years.

Public Relations and Communication

At CADEX, we explore new markets with our partners through marketing activities. We believe in the importance of communications for the ongoing development and success of any organization. Ensuring the highest quality of information is vital for government and private organizations to achieve smooth operations and results.