• 2010

CADEX and the Mongolian Railway State Owned Share Holding Company Sign Comprehensive Consulting Alliance Agreement Supporting Mongolia's Railway Infrastructure

September 14, 2010--Tokyo

CADEX KK of Tokyo, Japan and Mongolian Railway State Owned Share Holding Company of Mongolia (Mongolian Railway) today announced the formation of a wide-ranging business consulting alliance with aim of enhancing the railway infrastructure in Mongolia.

Under the newly signed agreement, CADEX and its Mongolian subsidiary CADEX LLC Mongolia (Ulaanbaatar) will act as a business consultant of Mongolian Railway, specifically as manager of projects to acquire railway technologies and personnel (through hiring and education/training) with the goal of contributing to the stable management and long-term growth of Mongolian Railway.

Mongolia faces the urgent need to establish railway systems to regions with high potential for natural resource development. The Mongolian Government is seeking to resolve this situation while at the same time dealing with various management issues related to railway operation, such as funding and human resources.

Under the alliance agreement, CADEX will apply its railway consulting and project management experience in China, as well as its human resources network, achievements and know-how throughout the Asian region, to build cooperative relationships with third parties outside Mongolia with the objective of rapidly achieving a stable freight transportation system, new business opportunities and the efficient development of underground resources.

About the Mongolian Railway State Owned Share Holding Company

Mongolian Railway was established in 2008 by the Government of Mongolia to equip and maintain the country's railway infrastructure, proactively promote the development of resources and supply these resources to international markets. Specifically, the company is working to rationalize Mongolia's logistics system, establish a safe and secure railway management system, and establish and maintain stable quality assurance systems, thereby modernizing Mongolia's railway system, raising the presence of Mongolia in the international resources market and contributing to the development of Mongolia's economy. The company is wholly owned by the Government of Mongolia.


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